Who are we


Who Are We?

Blackhawk Fasteners are proudly part of the ITI group of companies. Since its establishment in 1987, ITI (Innovative Timber Ideas) have been on a mission to redefine the timber supply industry. ITI has worked closely with experts in wholesale and construction to promote the strength, beauty and environmental benefits of using timber. Over the past 30 years, ITI has created a strong distribution network that includes:

  • 130,000m2 of undercover storage located across Australia
  • A state of the art remanufacturing, treating and priming plant in Chile
  • An office in Indonesia
  • 2 distribution locations in New Zealand
  • Growing sales in the USA.

With their ongoing growth in the timber supply industry, the natural progression for ITI was to develop a range of timber fasteners. In 2015 ITI created Blackhawk Fasteners.

Leveraging the vast knowledge ITI has gained in the construction industry over the past 30 years, Blackhawk were able to identify current industry trends and develop the most innovative products possible. Blackhawk now have 9 warehouses across Australia, 4 manufacturing locations and a Sydney based quality control centre. With plans to drastically increase their product offer over the next 12 months, Blackhawk are quickly becoming the first choice for fasteners in the timber construction industry.

The People: Blackhawk believes the people that represent them are their greatest asset. This extends to the stockists and resellers they partner with. Blackhawk invest significant time and resources into training and development programs. This ensures that no matter who you speak to, when you are purchasing a Blackhawk product, you will get the best advice to go with the best product.

The Experience: Over 30 years of experience in the construction industry has help to forge strong relationships in manufacturing and research sectors across the world. ITI employs a group of highly experienced people across Australia and New Zealand in a diverse range of industries. Sharing an office with the ITI team, Blackhawk are able to utilise their experience and expertise.

The Resources: A key to ITI’s success is their consistent investment into resources that complement their overall product offer. Offices, warehouses and distributions centres across Australia and New Zealand ensure they can supply products to their customers as fast as possible. Their investment into production facilities lets them oversee the quality of their products from manufacture to delivery. And their quality control centre in St Marys NSW makes sure their products meet the high standards that are set.

The Quality: The people, the experience and the resources comes together to enable ITI to offer the highest quality possible. ITI prides itself on the quality of the products that its group of companies delivers. This is something ITI achieved 30 years ago and will continue through Blackhawk in the years to come.

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